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Open Online Course - Contract Management: Build Relationships in Business starting November 9, 2015

Posted by Carina Kuhl | 18-Sep-2015 08:00:00

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Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) - is a free online course, available to all, developed by IACCM in partnership with the University of Southampton, the UK Cabinet Office and Civil Service Learning.

A three week course will help you to better understand what is involved in commercial business relationships, and the process of managing contractual agreements. You will learn how a person’s or organization’s objectives – and those of their customers and suppliers – can be achieved in an effective way, without threat or failure.

Contract Management: Online Course - Build Relationships in Business - 9th November 2015

The course starts on 9th November - Register now to receive more information nearer the time

Course topics include:

  • Relationship fundamentals; the things that can go right or wrong in commercial relationships
  • The rules that govern public and private sector procurement
  • The complexities of supply chains and networks that are a feature of many contracts
  • How to manage interdependencies and the needs of multiple stakeholders
  • Judgement and the data needed to inform it

FutureLearn will be sending an email prior to the start of the course containing instructions for joining.

Please note:

  • Course Duration: 3 weeks.
  • Three modules are released each week. They are recorded so participants can listen at their convenience, though interaction is maximized if participants do them the week of release.
  • In general, each step takes 5-10 minutes, whether it is a video, article, discussion or quiz.
  • Time commitment depends somewhat on the extent to which participant chooses to interact or access supporting material. Time commitment estimated at 3 hours/week.
  • Once course has started, participants can study each week’s material at a time that suits them. Participant doesn’t need to be online at the same time as the lead educator or other students.
  • Participants can join a course at any point throughout its duration. Registered participants will be able to access the recorded materials beyond the end date and until further notice.

The course is hosted as a massive open online course (MOOC) on FutureLearn’s social learning platform (owned by The Open University). Please be aware that FutureLearn’s data privacy policy applies (not IACCM's). By registering, you confirm that you understand and accept their policies, which can be found at

This course is FREE to everybody, but you do need to become at least a Free Trial Member of IACCM to participate.

To register or become a member:

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