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The Future of Contract and Commercial Management Report

There are some who argue that contracting has no future. They believe that automation will largely eliminate the need for human activity in designing, preparing, negotiating and managing contracts. In large measure, they are right; key aspects of the contracting process will be undertaken through technology. But as this report reveals, technology will change - and enrich - human intervention in the contracting process, rather than replace it.

IACCM Automation Report - Transforming Contracts and Commercial Management

A March 2017 survey by IACCM resulted in the IACCM Automation Report - Transforming Contracts and Commercial Management, which revealed that levels of satisfaction with current contract management automation systems are low, with a rating of just 4.2 out of 10. Organizations have struggled to gain adoption and for many, integration with other systems is proving problematic. As a result, functionality is generally limited - for most, the repository functions of accessing and having visibility into agreements are the primary benefit. Almost half are benefiting from the system as a store for standard terms and term options, including templates, and around 40% use the application to support review and approval. Less than one third can demonstrate an ROI from their investment. 

Payment Terms: Do Large Companies Abuse Their Power?

Governments are increasingly focused on 'fair' contract terms, seeking especially to protect small businesses. Payment terms are of particular concern and regularly feature in the media. 

But to what extent is there a real problem? 

This report – based on a survey conducted in April 2015 – confirms that payment terms are an area of significant focus in today's trading relationships, with over half the 600 respondents indicating that there is growing contention. This seems to be driven by the policies of a minority of large corporations, leading to not only longer payment periods, but more difficulty in getting paid.

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