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IACCM: 2018 in review

Posted by Tim Cummins | Jan 17, 2019 4:35:58 PM

IACCM is about to enter its 20th year. Back in 1999, very few people cared about commercial or contract management. While they existed as job titles, there was no consistent definition of role or purpose. I remember a common reaction to IACCM’s incorporation was “It will never survive”. Now, so much has changed ….

First, for the association itself, 2018 truly has been a year to remember and celebrate. In January, we smoothly transitioned to Sally Hughes as Global CEO. March saw the formal appointment of Phil Dungey as head of Advisory Services. By September, we welcomed our 50,000th member (already almost 53,000). In October, Peggy Barber joined us as Regional CEO for the Americas and November saw the creation of the new, member-driven IACCM Global Council. So what better way to conclude the year than the appointment of Bruce Everett as Regional CEO for Asia-Pacific.

This amazing growth isn’t just because we are nice people (though I hope we are!); it’s because the world is awakening to the tremendous relevance of contract and commercial skills and competence in managing today’s turbulent markets. Our members – and their employers – recognize the critical importance of business integrity and integration in delivering successful business outcomes. They tell us that IACCM provides the leadership, the inspiration and the practical tools and insights they need to raise their profile, deliver value and prepare for the future. It’s a way of thinking encapsulated by Sally Hughes when she promotes her message hashtag#strongertogether.

And already, 2019 is shaping up for even more exciting news and progress for our CCM community! As we look at the Association’s focus and strategy, it is clear that our members face major opportunities, especially in our theme topics of contract economics, ethics and innovation. Technology will be a key enabler, but even more important is our own belief and attitude. Next month, the IACCM 2019 Strategy paper will be published, providing an exciting roadmap for growth. 

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